Vineet a fellow researcher at our university and an (over) enthusiastic blogger writes lucid narratives, okay not always but at least occasionally (Gahe Bagahe) he do. Only problem with him is that he is in hurry always. This time to gatecrash to ‘me too’ party of intelligentsia he took the shot at feminism. It surely a recipe to short (cut) success. Alas he took a wrong gun..Savita Bhabhi.

Savita Bhabhi might not be that new to our readers. I mentioned Savita Bhabhi in this post in April 2008, good 9 months back but post natal thought by Vineet see Savita Bhabhi as sign of women emancipation. If you are loss to understand that something that is described by us as-

So came the a simple soft porn professional blog. Or to be precise simple soft porn Indian blog. what is even more important is that it is not relying on firangi content served to Indians or content from b grade movies 

how can this become a symbol women emancipation that chohkerbalis missed, Answer is..we just don’t know. Mohalla in its typical Troll behaviour gave credence to the theory that since someone posing as girl posted comment on SavitaBhabhi that a lesbian sex content be uploaded on site, it implies that Indian Women are coming out of submission hence hurray.

I don’t agree, no one else either, No feminist voices, no women voices either. Point that guys at Mohalla conveniently and we have reasons to believe deliberately chose to ignore that lesbo porn content is fav by men rather than women on net.  Most contributions at User Generated Content on porn sites posing as women is from boys pervs.

I feel bad for Vineet, Avinash seems to have played dirty with kid. But then it happen… Its Hindi Blogosphere.  

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  2. Subu  

    12:42 PM


    Female emanicipation , women's lib has gone so far that men are in dire need of emancipation now

    Look at the following

    - Four out of five suicides are male.

    - The vast majority of deaths on the job are male.

    - Men, get drafted in large numbers to the armed forces and every border duty. The ratio of men dying from angry bullets is 100 times more than women

    - Men get destroyed in divorce and family courts, ordered to pay extortionate alimony, and shoved in prison when they cannot keep up payments (that’s after being forced out onto the street, etc.).

    - When men are raped, it is made into a punchline, a joke. The rapist may be a thug, the rape may happen in a jail cell, there may be nowhere to escape, still the raped man is a looser

    - Men are not taken seriously when they claim domestic violence or rape.

    - Conversely, men are shoved into prison and subjected to humiliating medical examinations, because women are automatically believed when they cry rape, truthfully or not.

    - Men are convicted more often, receive longer sentences, and receive less chance of parole, for the same crimes as women.

    - Many a time, Consensual sex suddenly becomes Rape !! and IF the man did NOT have something like a good video recording of the entire act ...which probably no sane guy would have, he is showed in prison for rest of his life
    Example :

    - Child custody, domestic violence etc are industries making industries... men are milked, women get some portion of the booty and the rest goes to the "industry"

    - in developing countries fathers are turned against husbands, brothers are turned against husband, brothers are turned against short domestic wars start with women and end with men being called killers, men ending their lives , men loosing property or ending up in prison

    - The myth of the female infanticide... ..the statistics is so biased that right now in developing countries ? Women demand the BEST husbands...demand the max benefits in household (called you earn.. I spend) an best protection under law

    - the Family system ...the bedrock of the east is slowly going to dogs

    amen !

  3. Gujju Girl  

    4:20 PM


    lagta hai gahri chot khayi hai !

    may be you have faced problem from women in your life. but you look at the world around, especially in semi-urban and villages... the position of most women are pathetic. they have nothing like 'human-rights'. since have no independent income and education for self-sustained life, they are alway at the mercy of the male member of the family. knowing this fact, the male members take all undue advantages of the women. genetically woman is not physically strong at ordinary man. this fact has also always gone against them.

  4. pooja shah  

    6:28 PM