Aggregating differences

Hindi blogosphere has come to an age. Gone are the days when every new blogger entering blogdom use to get a warm hug from Jitus and Ravis of  this world. Now the chitthajagat is big enough and grandpas of it no more can do it, nor they need to. New babies as well are smart, they don need support instead they debut  with big slams...and surely easy targets are non but these painstaking elders. Every new baby of the block gets its share of limelight by stating straight away..Ssaala Narad. and phew...couple of wah wah and matching hai hai and you are inducted to the class.   Narad keep aggregating these abuses to self lordship and keep welcoming.

So if you feel like exercise your lungs by a strong bahancho.... why not start a Hindi blog..:)

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