A Chandni that they like and they don't


Tarun is his honest and blunt post mentions that while blogvani can be referred to as sweet melody of nightingale. It is not the case with other aggregator chitthajagat, which was termed as Chandni chowk. Now this was really blunt. Vipul's team could not make its mind whether they'll keep chandni chowk title or shun it. Tarun like most user agrees that considering the features and technical aspects chitthajagat is definitely a better aggregator, but what is the point of having so many nice features that fails to attract user. Blogvani did well in user interface, Cyril's experience in handling the mass consumption software in the past worked well.

What I find interesting is the simile. While koyal's kook is fine..nice and poetic. It was chandni chowk that is loaded. While Tarun actually referred for its messy interface but Vipul and others did put a brave face by pretending to accept the coinage chandni chowk for it chandni. They actually introduced the tab 'chamchamata chandni chowk'. It is no more there now...better sense prevailed.

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