Not Much is written on sports entertainment here. Yes there was a huge hue and cry when Hockey team failed the Olympic berth but that is it. There are pieces on this or that odd game. But while Internet world in US and Europe is focusing on Football, Rugby and maybe Tennis. Here Cricket remains the content King. When matches are on you get a lot of coverage including deferred live one from likes of R.C.Mishra But even when there are no matches like now you get views.

Vikram Pratap Singh is analyzing the Harsha Bhogle's comment that Indian Cricket Success is non- cricketing in its nature. India is successful in cricket marketing and other market driven domains but Cricket as a game has not grown in India. Vikram don't agree beyond a point. Yes we are still unpredictable lot in cricketing field but yet better then we are in football, Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Table Tennis where we are most predictably miserable :(

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