Free Social Networking : Wake Up Aggregators

Social networking is the biggest mantra of web. Indian surfers is particular hooks to web for chat, mail, orkut or at most matrimony and dating apart from porn. Hindi Bloggers are truely common of these traits. So it is quite obvious to to look at these aspects when you take up big responsibility of sending traffic to blogs. Yes aggregators should try and pick up the opportunity.

I am talking about fusion of Blog Aggregators and Social Networking into one platform. Think of Blogvani as social networking platform where when you click a post you have option of reading the post, sending comments, chat with the blogger concern (if online) or send IM, similar other networking products that can be integrated with this vanilla aggregation. It will be great value addition.

Problem I foresee, One Big Problem: This model has some opportunity for Aggregators to earn some money and that is a dirty word for Maithilyji and Vipul alike. They are looking for vanilla Hindi seva no adulteration whatsoever. But then both the aggregators have some great programmers with them who can work to 'remove' the possibility of earning some bucks here. ha ha ha

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