Pay Commission Report News and Breaking it up


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For  a bottomline blogger like me it was a mateer of getting the news right and I am happy that I did. This blog carried the breaking news on 20th morning that report is out and these are the details. Apart from the mail today news I had some more friends in corridors who confirmed the details but no other newspaper or site carried the Item. Then I wrote that confusion indicating posts and now see everyone knows that news i broke was damn right.

Hey I just wish that I were a channel reporter instaed of bread and butter Hindi master because I broke the news full two days in advance, took full responsibility. i heared that people in aajtak gets hikes for breaking news by 5 min or even less :)

What did I get..a full traffic of pageloads in order of 15oo and above. thank you guys for reading.

those looking for pay scales and Details Click here


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