A Voice for Holi Haters

Not everyone loves Holi. There is very large chunk of people who just hate this festival. Wet colors on skin is not very pleasant touch to them. It is not just the question of touch though. Theoretically holi is all about Toli, that is power. It is a festival where the powerful, muscle-power always wins. This one festival is open struggle, it is a mock war.

When it is further explored in context of countryside we realise Holi takes the real ugly turn. Indian villages are invariable of macho-dabang variety so if Hooli is about powerful humiliating the weak then it translate in villages to dabang cast humiliating the womanfolks and dalits and poor.

Hashiya of Riyaz is a blog that address the margin. He explores in his post the sorry side of this festival. From the experiences of many villages it is established that holi brings humiliation to womanfolks of dalits in villages, therefore they should be allowed to raise their voice against this fesival.

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