Wardrobe Malfunction in Delhi!!

Its really dirty may be perverted to get inspiration from that. It happened again, now it happens with such artegularity that one has to be extremely naive to believe that it happened, and not designed to happen. ..Whatever be the case the fact is it happened again, this time in a Delhi fashion show. And all the perverts on web radar started looking for details and may be a photograph. Only exception was Hindi blogosphere. No post on this episode in Hindi, though every body out there is searching the content.

And while you are searching, you find that as per Us law, women can not have “reasonable expectation of privacy?” inside the cloths they wear.

*Update : Now there is one post (विल्स इंडिया फैशन वीक मे फ़िर सरका टॉप) in Hindi blogosphere as well with a photo (but unrelated, not of Debbie)


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