Olympic Torch Relay's Delhi Show is National Shame

It is what sizeable commn indian bloggers i.e. Hindi bloggers believe. Those in Delhi knows that in the name of security whole machinery of UPA government was crawling.  Take some really shameful acts one was government offices including the Home Affairs (That runs the inernal affairs including 'security'), the PMO (atleast theoretically it runs the nation, 10 janpath willing) and External affairs etc were asked not to open the windows facing Rajpath. This window shut Olympic Torch approach also ensured that no common man can reach the venue, for 1000 odd 'special invitees' were looked after by more then 10,000 security persons. You can not call it the olympic spirit. besides this gross distrust of government on its own citizen only underlines the fact that state is aware that it is doing things against national sentiments.

Mahashakti expresses his anger in his trademark way. calling this episode the blackest day for indian democracy. He also term it as National Shame.

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