Sexual Pleasure and Eunuchs : Half Life Full Pain

That's really bold a theme for a post in regular mainstream Hindi blogging, it sure is. But Hindi blogging does not stop surprising us all. Yesterday there was a post by Manisha. Manisha blogs at Ardhsatya. Tagline of this blog is हम अधूरे इंसान अगर सच भी बोलें तो लोग कहते हैं उसे "अर्धसत्य" ( crudely it  translates to - Even our truth is half truth as we are half human) Half because the blogger identifies itself (his/herself) as Manisha Hizra (eunuch). It is soul stirring to read Manisha.

Latest Post by Manisha blasts the myth of sexual pleasure of eunuchs, besides it points to the gross insensitivity of journalists. Due to blog activism of Manisha a reporter reaches to her for interview and puts the question _ How is the sexual life of gender disable in the city? Quite a baffling one for Manisha. She explains that they can not have sexual life BECAUSE they are disable. But reporter does not stop here and further explains, I am talking anal sex...

Manisha understandably gets annoyed and dispatches the scribe home. Fine, She addresses the blogosphere and explains if anal sex involves some sexual pleasure it is for the one who uses the body of eunuchs.

हमारे जैसे लैंगिक विकलांग लोग यौनांगों से ही अपाहिज हैं तो फिर हमारे लिये क्या सेक्स और क्या सेक्स का अनुभव?...

....अरे, लिंग या योनि तो बस कार्य का उपकरण हैं आनंद की अनुभूति तो मस्तिष्क में होती है लेकिन जब वह अंग ही हमें ईश्वर ने नहीं दिया तो हम आनंद की अनुभूति कैसे करेंगे ? 

The post  got a bit graphic but this post by Manisha which was again posted on Visfot is a must reading to see the new frontiers of Hindi Blogging.

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