Was it love or they just Live like it? Neeraj Grover- Marrayya Monica Susayraj- Lt Jerome Mathew were living a life that was bound to burst. It may sound very patriarchal but to me poor officer got trapped, I feel for him rather than Neeraj. Murder was gruesome but armed officers are trained to kill as well. How about this actress. Anyway Hindi Blogs are getting diversified...Crime Reporter Rajesh Kumar gives Step by step account of the gruesome murder it is like this:

Monica is in relationship with both, very well knowingly...In fact she is very much living with Neeraj Grover Creative Head of Balaji Films. While Matthew is old boy friend who was never dumped, Monica use to live with Mathew as well in Kochi. Nice Life.

Nice Life demands price..high price. Mathew called suspicious...took overnight flight caught Red Beded and killed 'rakeeb' thats it.

Monica turned faithful again..chopped the bedmate in 300 pieces (who counted)

Crime is done justice is awaited.

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