A Blog on Mathematics

Abhishek kind of put forward a analogy that  states Poetry is Maths..quite not. Why because we are discussing Hindi Blogging here and there even the square root of number of poetry blogs is greater than the square of the number of blogs on Mathematic. :))

Ya!! the fact is Abhishek Ojha's blog Kuchh Log Kuchh Batein is not what its title try to actually is a mathematics blog, quite the Gunakar Mule simple and understandable Hindi. What else can you ask for..Truly specialized blog in Hindi that too from mathematician from IITK, those who ever ventured near  university maths knows IITK is quite a maths Mecca.

In initial posts Abhishek gives account of 'interesting' part of maths, different branches of maths and that (and I hate that) utilitarian part of maths. I hate it because maths is beautiful because it is so, you don't ask a beauty..why are you so beautiful. Don't you ask it to maths as well. Whenever anybody dare ask me the 'use' of literature (or maths) in my staff room, I just pass this moron to someone from commerce department :))

So if you think high peaks of Himalaya, scent of roses and Madhubala are beautiful because they are ..(and yes the order in chaos, infinite series and abstract of geometry)  to be enjoyed, His blog is the place to be at.

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