Feminism straight as Jalebi

Rachna is one blogger whose enthusiasm we all admire. When it comes to blog feminism... Like her or hate her but you just can't ignore her. Her Theoretical inadequacies are glaring...fine but theoretical greats with truck load of political correctness can very much be dangerous beings in disguise. One glaring example of the theoretical inadequacy I am talking about is the blog Dal Roti Chawal. The very tagline talk about the "Kitchen Empire" {It goes like... women today are doing very well in all walks of life but it is not implied that we will achieve anything by losing our empire..The empire of kitchen is all ours...} Understandably the team Nari has some problematic to handle...It is no straight analogy. I remember the classical "Rasoi Debate" that once broke out. But then who care about theories ??

So I wasn't surprised, was in fact a bit amused to read (rather watch, its video) the Jalebi Recipe from Manjula (Presented by Lavnaya). I am a great fond of Jalebis, but all, including the popular ones at Apni Dukan, Ghantaghar, surely all these great Jalebis are made by Halwais..male ones. So the the empire, the Rasoi and the feminism is not at all a straight business..its a Jalebi business :))

I will stick to old line...You can't have feminism unless two major forts of patriarchy are demolished..Beauty and Kitchen.

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  1. Rachna Singh  

    7:48 AM

    "बहरहाल , आपने लेख बहुत परिष्कृत भाषा में लिखा । फिलहाल तो आपलोग (मतलब पुरुष लोग )रसोई में खाना पकाना शुरु करें । हम अभी इतने से ही खुश हुये जाते हैं । आगे का मंज़र सुहाना दिखता है ।" Pratyaksha said so
    i hope you understand what i am saying mr masijeevi. keep circulating what ever theoretical knowledge you have because theories only bring out contradictions and some people are like you strive on contradictions . achieving the desired end thru practical acumen is very difficult to do and even more difficult to understand. to understad one needs not just theoretical knowledge but analytical mind and practical way of achieving it . you belong to class who earns money from google adsense by time and again using other peoples blogs . keep earning because who knows may be you are too short on money to run your household expenses
    "You can't have feminism unless two major forts of patriarchy are demolished..Beauty and Kitchen." keep your demoliton squad , you have no option because in your own household woman are far intellegent then man folk . and to survive you have to resort to such tactics whether here on your other blogs

  2. Ila's world, in and out  

    10:35 AM

    "You can't have feminism unless two major forts of patriarchy are demolished..Beauty and Kitchen"

    It seems that u r forgetting that beauty comes nautrally to human beings,especially women.Is it wrong to be beauty conscious or fond of cooking?Even men are aware of their looks and take great pains to look good,( The increasing number of gents beauty parlours are an indication of this)does it make them lesser men? Besides u mentioned that jalebis and other delicacies are made by halwais who r males,but Mr.Author u shud not forget that the halwais/chefs of 5 star hotels also have to go home and eat food cooked by the womenfolk of their homes.If women are proud of their looks and culinary skills, it does not mean that they r not aware of their rights.Please wake up and work upon the inadequate theories instilled in ur intelligent mind.

  3. विखंडन  

    10:34 PM

    I think Mr. Masijeevi , instead of beauty, it should have been 'VIRGINITY'

  4. विखंडन  

    10:35 PM

    Sorry 'Premium on virginity'

  5. लावण्यम्` ~ अन्तर्मन्`  

    12:30 AM

    Is this your BLOG Masijeevi jee ?
    I just now saw my Name mentioned along with "Jalebi Recipe " post shown on "Daal, Roti, Chawal "
    So Halwayees make "Jalebis " @ your famous Ghanta Ghar Dukaan ?
    Oonchee Dukan, feeka pakwan ?
    You seem to be fond of them it seems. Men & Women all make Jalebis So what ?
    What the big deal about it ?
    Just surprised to find my Name here , that's all --