Sarkar Raj is Comeback Movie for RamGopal Verma

Sarkar Raj is out and is critical for Ram Gopal Verma, after a flop Hat Trick as Manmeet Singh Points out in review at his blog on WebDuniya. sarkar_raj Going by the opinion of Singh the Movie is 'Lajwab', even if it seen in sequel to Sarkar I, it is better made.

Honestly I ma not a movie freak, writing this blog primarily because I when I tried to look at Hindi Stuff on this movie I realised on happy note that now a lot of professional portals are writing in Hindi atleast on commercially viable topics. It gives a lot of elbow space to Hindi Bloggers as they can write what they want rather then putting their efforts to bridge some gap in ought to be written and being written, market is taking care of itself now. Besides I am also skeptical whether blogs like Manmeet's is there on aggregators..I mean the ones at WebDuniya and Adda like platforms..If they are..very good, if not better because it mean that Hindi blogs can now survive without aggregators.

Coming back to movie...Singh is all praise for Abhishek, this time for a change small B is being praised for his work..So go and watch SR.

In another relevant post Girindra informs the blog world about grand première of Sarkar raj at iifa awards.


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  1. Interval  

    10:43 PM

    Very few movies are made better the second time around. RGV has done a phenomenal job directing Sarkar Raj - the sequel.

    Watch Sarkar Raj: