Bollywood Movie Used Computer in 1978

Kabadkhana may sound absurd to you but if you are Hindi Blogger then you know that it is gem of a blog. In a recent post Sidheshwar dug out a fact that we were not aware at all. Sidheshwar points out that it was Amitabh Bachchan’s “Trishul” where the word “Computer” got mentioned in a Bollywood dialogue for the first time. Amazing fact, Isn’t it?

Trishul was released in May, 1978. PC was nowhere to be seen yet (I touched  computer in 1989, owned one three years later) so Bollywood should be considered well advanced that they used “computer” (though only word) in 78. Anyways if you are interested the Hero called his secretary a computer and when she wondered “what the hell is that”, he explains it is a machined invented in west that can do all calculation and typing correctly..huh not bad for a guy of seventies, is it. some 25 years later this very angry young man was asking this machine..Lock kiya jaye…

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