Condom Ringtone Shakes Hindi Sanskars

You don't expect anything different, do you. Condom may be a simple latex balloon but it is no less than bomb when it comes to the 'sanskari' Hindi intelligentsia. Take the post from Neeshoo at Media Vyuh. Neeshoo is too embarrassed to hear the Condom word. The whole sanskari mindset is threatened. We don't say much..while I agree to the conclusion as Anshumali puts that market is intruding into the personally space little bit too much but Condom ringtone is not the reason thereof. Very purpose of removing the taboo makes it a necessary that C word be spoken aloud.

BTW I just don't understand that if Savita is a behenji who will embarrassed hearing the condom word, why will she install it in her phone at all. Neeshoo fails to explain that Savita should learn switching the phone off when she is in conference. Very adjective that 'serious matter' was under discussion (with people who don't know phone etiquettes) underlines that the writer believes that issues of condom, AIDS, sex, VD, STD and other health issues are non-serious, mundane junk.

Going against the 'sanskars' here are some ads popularizing the Condom-




and one more



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