Finally Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog in Hindi as Well

Not quite!! The blog is same as we pointed earlier. News is that Rahul Upadhyay, who is originally from Ratlam has decided to stop requesting Amitabh to write in Hindi, and do it himself. So now on whenever Amitabh writes a blog, rahul takes it upon himself to spend a few hours and translate the blog at his own. Quite simple isn’t it.

Is it copyright violation? I don’t think so mainly:

Because Rahul has informed Bachchanji that he is translating the blog only till Big B has any problem with it, or BB want to do it himself.

Also because as per the prevailing practice Rahul is giving proper link and credit to what he translating. Every post is nothing but a fan’s admiration. and mind it Amitji in his last post paid gratitude to fans, like Rahul for making the Chhora of Ganga Kinaare, what he has become_ BIG B

YOU that spend your precious time in reaching out to me and extending your love and affection. Acknowledging my presence in your lives. Correcting the wrongs that I do. Suggesting, applauding, laughing and crying with me. I am deeply indebted to all.

YOU have become my strength. My weakness too. I think of you throughout the day. What will please you, what will entertain and enlighten you. How should I connect with all, how can I make my comment today interesting to read. How can I respond and reply to the hundreds of those that write in to me.

YOU are an extension of my self. You share my grief and exuberance. My dress and my travel. My moods and idiosyncrasies. My beliefs and my relations. My work. My rise and my fall.

YOU are my alter ego. I disclose much to you. Much that I would perhaps have never done before.

YOU have gained my trust and faith and friendship and I your devotion.

YOU are unique to me. In word and in spirit. Together we have built a world of our own. A small world, albeit. But one that encompasses a large emotion.

BTW to read in Hindi what Amitabh write in English (language he can talk in, he can walk in…)  Just Click here.

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