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So lets begin with a very raw introduction to this my desi world of Hindi Blogging. here we have quite a few blogs now mostly written in unicode. Well english bloggers rarely get to have that trouble but if you ever tried to visit a Hindi blog and got a picture like this

You need get worried as it can be very easily decoded to something like this

One jus need to reset the encoding. This is firstmost ;) thing one need to do to access hindi unicode stuff including blogs. This process is explained threadbare at Sarvagya Gyan chiththakosh of Akshargram

So visitors please do set your encoding to unicode so that you can enjoy desi spices at blogging so get going.

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  1. Shrish  

    5:53 AM

    masijeevi, I do agree with this that a reader visiting a Hindi blog for first time should not got a impression that reading/writing Hindi is a difficult process.

    You will be surprised to know that when I asked one of my friend in Orkut to try writing in Hindi he said he don't have a Hindi Computer.

    If a person visits a Hindi blog for first time and gets impression that
    reading Hindi needs something special he will never return in mostly cases.

    That's why I have written a fairly easy guide for reading/writing in Hindi.

    Quick Start Guide for Reading and Writing (Typing) Hindi Text

    Every Hindi blog should have some criteria for 'Hindi Help' on their blog.

  2. Anonymous  

    10:45 AM

    nice information.. thanx for sharing..