Accentric I am, and now I find even less and less people who will object to it. Guy you mus be out of your what my dad told me when I abruptly announced that engineering certification I earned will not be used by me and I'll be fulltime Hindiwallah. Then my Hindi people also exclaimed similar sentiments when I discussed technology with them...यह हमारा क्षेत्र नहीं ?? यह कोई साहित्‍य नहीं ! and things like that only.

Now see this blog. It was planned a original Hindi blog in footprints of my pre-unicode Hindi internet magazine, still believed as first internet hindi magazine *etrika* but then i switched to masijeevi and now I am planning to post on this blog as reporter of Hindi Blogs in my tooti footi english they say its Hinglish or may be desi english. I care a damn...

What is the idea....

I am jus hoping that there are some non-firang-angrez out there interested in knowing what is happening in this Hindi blogging world but they are either unaware or unicode hindi is inaccessible to them. So here it will be I'll report as regular as possible to you the inside story, gossips and otherwise on hindi world. So keep watching this space

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  1. Shrish  

    9:43 AM

    Wow seems a good Plan. I have similar plans as you. We will surely have a good dialog.

    Apni English aapse bhi tooti footi hai. :)

  2. pravinkumar  

    1:01 PM

    jindgi ko hamesha muskurate huye jina chayihe