Lets take the Devil ...Head on

Yes!!! Shrees you are right, reader base is narrow but why?

Ailments man, ailments.

of content, and you see we are not working that hard to broaden this narrow readership. I mean we are eager to reach out other Hindi bloggers but seldom we try to rope in readers who are not hindi bloggers themselves but can read and understand hindi. I mean non-writer hindiwalas.
See we like it or not but they outnumber us by millions. So lets focus on them. Don't expect them to come and make comments in devnagri, or make comments at all for that matter. They are a different culture though they are as much 'desi' as we are. so they are different yet one of us. They may not wish to come and write in devnagri but they will read (if there is good enough content) and may be click a couple of ads.


More on that later

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  1. Shrish  

    6:05 AM

    I do agree that we should work to reach people out of Hindi blogosphere and I always advocate this because within Hindi blogdom nearly everyone knows about a good blog for example most of Hindi bloggers know about me.

    So as you said we must focus on non-writer Hindiwalas. But how ?

    I have noted a number of differences in English and Hindi blogs. We are Kunwai Ke Mendhak. How many of us use Feedburner, delicious, digg and other social networking sites. I am the first one to use many of them and at least 100 people have visited my blog via these services.

    That means we need to adopt new ideas. I have some suggestions for this, about which I will write in some days.

  2. Shrish  

    6:07 AM

    And yes please write my name as 'Shrish' not 'Shrees' or 'Shreesh'. :)