Oh welcome I do understand that I am hardly a host, you are very well here for quite sometime and no point welcoming you afresh. But Manisha after this diary excerpt from diary (?) seems to be written purposely for blog is hardly 'another' blogger. She seems to aspire become Prabha Khetan of web welcome for taking Hindi Blogging to next stage...of Bras,, blaw blaw. though it is still miles behind what Shivam Vij and his friends like Miss Palampur, Billow chamanbahar and others are doing in english blogging. but yet its new to hindi blogging.

Yes Manisha earlier in print charaterized hindi blogging by Soft porn which (alas..) nowhere to be seen in hindi blogging. Now she decided to fill this vacant space by her own filth..(oops experiences) welcome miss palampur of hindi blogging. Bahut achchhe...

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  1. Shrish  

    12:47 PM

    I just want to tell you that Manisha of Hindibaat is not this Manisha whose article is published in Mohalla.

  2. Manisha  

    12:49 PM

    I ma not that Manisha, you are refering to She is Manisha Pandey and one another Manisha who is Manisha Kulshretha running YOu have wrongly interpreted it to me.

    Kindly correct your self.


  3. masijeevi  

    5:03 PM

    Oh my mistake! I've been to hindinest but yet... Its a bonafide mistake. Link is corrected and changes made.

    sincerest appologies