Aggregators war getting dirty

Can't really claim that we are out of it... can we?  Dhurvirodhi (sadly I cant give a link ) deleted his blog because he disagreed with all, who were wishing only niceties in the blogging world. World is dirty hence virtual world will be dirtier, and it is- accept it or not.

Lets see the dirty face of  nice souls...Jitender is visiting India and as any blogger do...he arranged a meet at Kanpur..very well. Did it well in advance...blogging sources though yet unconfirmed still reliable indicates that saloon for Gyandutt was requisitioned at least 4 days in advance.  Fursatiya  as plain as rest of things states it in his post that Gyandutt came just to meet us, nothing else. Nice people nice meeting what am I cribbing about  ?

A small detail ..meeting was fixed for 14th the very day a similar meeting with lesser beings of  capital was also fixed and Jitender personally invited all.

Am I getting too nasty..there can be genuine reasons, his niece's admission or things like that. and even if he just did not turn up because he preferred meeting bade guard babu and not these Napkin stuff..whats wrong? Its a matter of choice any individual should have.

Nothing me it is absolutely fine if someone chose to skip a meet and goes to another, reason bona fide or not..its a matter of his choice. I agree

Dirty thing comes into play here...Shrish is surprised that a meeting fixed for 18th cant occur on 14th ( Innocent pahari friend didn't  realise he  is spilling beans) Srijan also declares a deferred actual meet in next few days.. and you know what  it did come..Now it is scheduled for 18th. With Srijan, Jitender, Neeraj, Jagdish ...wether shrish will turn up we donno. Let me just add mails are pouring at new aggregators as well "hamein hataa do"

When one act smart and believe that thirty odd people can be befooled... better pretend that way and please him..he is in bad shape now a days. :)

Am I going ? oh.. you see session just started and Wednesday is damn packed..anyway my wishes.

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  1. अरुण  

    5:38 PM

    "सत्य बोलो प्रिय बोलो,जो प्रिय ना हो वो सत्य ना बोलो" मास्साब को भी याद दिलाना,अच्छा है पर कभी कभी..:)