Mystery of Missing Jitendra Chaudhary

 Early in the morning I reported about this BIG blogger meet. It happened...and happened in a big way but ...


lets begin with goof ups..

If someone can bring about goof ups well he got to be Amit.  Yes he is so good at it and he did it again with razor sharp precision. We reached there..(where well cafe coffee day at Janpath) It was all Amit's plan after it the only outlet that serves Irish his favorite. So  Hindi bloggers  reached there in big numbers and there it is, cafe staff objected, repeatedly asked for orders and blaw blaw By the time 'we' reached it was already decided that we will have to move out. Not that it was not forewarned but  Amit as usual arrogantly yours, rubbished it.  Many who decided to stuck to meet had to move 15 odd more kilometers to reach East of Kailash and despite all the good efforts of organisers it wasn't that comfortable, as it could have been at Pragati Maidan which  Maithily suggested earlier. sweatily everyone participated.


But real mystery was the missing Jitender Chaudhary. Many came just to meet him and he was nowhere... blogging (meet) is a matter of choice, right? Though Pratyaksha and Shrish were also missing.

Meet went well otherwise, your sincerely was only a bystander baby sitting but still witnessed the  Delhi Declaration% Declaration of end of an era in Hindi Blogging...It was named Hindi Blogging Ka Sadhuvaad Yug.

Some of those  presented were (In random order)

Sanjay Bengani






Vijender Vij

Note pad



Ghughuti Basuti




Srijan Shilpi

Jagdish Bhatia






Aalok puranik

Arvind Chaturvedi



There were others I am still missing..My apology

 PS. a detailed report by Shailesh is here.

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  1. आलोचक  

    12:19 AM

    Its aalochak and not alochak. Just correct it if possible

  2. masijeevi  

    12:38 AM


  3. अरुण  

    8:53 AM

    अब आप आळु-चना करोगे तो फ़िर ....:)

  4. Rachna Singh  

    10:09 AM

    its a suggestion
    in this era of " no identity no name " it would benefit all to have a predecided venue and not shift to other venue from there . there are bloggers who are new and have not met with other bloggers before . moving with thme to unknown desitinations like someone elses office etc may lead to some mishap some day

  5. Amit  

    2:20 PM

    first, I think that if someone who doesn't take an initiative or help to do something, he/she shouldn't crib about the arrangements later on, because that just reflects the person's idiotic high mindedness & to some extent self-obsessiveness!!

    arrogance? yeah, am arrogant, thank you so much for reminding me!! and as usual, & with razor sharp precision, you are without the complete picture(hadn't really noticed it till now, but that seems to be quite a trait of yours, you do miss the complete picture, always) & telling all about it!! cool of you!!

    I don't have any need to present an explanation, but I heard your retort yesterday as well, so just thought that I'll say what I've to & be done with it. The meeting was not spearheaded by me, hardly anyone cared for what I suggested, so don't put the blame on me!! don't know about you but I don't take anyone else's blame on my head just like I don't take anyone else's credit!! I suggested at around 12pm that we should move to Sarvana bhawan for lunch if people are interested in having it, since later we would not be able to get tables, but someone said that we should stick around at Cafe Coffee Day itself & no one showed any interest in moving, so we sat there only!! then neither the suggestion nor decision to move to maithily ji's place was mine. whoever said that we couldn't have had a talk there, perhaps didn't notice, we were sitting there just like we sat at maithily ji's place & there also the discussion was going on in sub-groups until everyone was called to abort that & was asked to participate in one discussion with all!! so?? did maithily ji's place enlightened everyone that we were in a blogger meet where there are other people as well & not just the people sitting next to oneself?? if yes, then I think maithily ji would be very interested in this revelation about his office since I doubt he was aware of this super-natural power of his office premises!!

    though I know that your distorted vision & foggy mind would hardly ever get a complete picture anytime soon, still asking you to think about not shooting your mouth off when you don't know what you are talking about!!

  6. Amit  

    2:56 PM

    on a second thought, I think that perhaps if your suggestion of IHC would've been agreed on then it would've really cool, given that the temperature & sun were awesome yesterday, no? ;)