Bad Girls of Hindi Blogosphere

Hindi language per se has always faced a difficulty in new discourses, the problem of linguistic inadequacy. An established culture of discourse makes a society democratic and tolerant. In addition to this this culture benefits the lingua franca of the society, because such a discourse culture allows new terms to develop and seep through. Unfortunately Hindi belt is most feudal in its construct hence little space for discourse culture. Language suffers as a obvious consequence . Family being the most feudal, gender discourse suffers the most because of this linguistic inadequacy of Hindi. Chokherbali, devised their own way and wordsmiths were taken aback. These otherwise decent educated women declaired their intention upfron by declairing that they are no more 'sushil' but are 'patanshilas' (Bad Girls) oops...patriarchs were gulping air and nothing else. In the  later part of the debate they made a case for using 'pragatisheel' (Progressive uhh..)  instead of new coinage.  Chokherbalis lost some ground but gained some. Its a long struggle.

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