This is another bread and butter post helpful to those who wish to enable their system using windows XP, to enable Hindi input. After this process they will be able to toggle between hindi and english using ALT+Shift . Please note that even if you want to install indic IME, Baraha, Cafehindi typing tool or any other input method, you must go through this basic process and only then the installed input editor will work.

So Let us begin.

Step 1: Click Start > Control Panel.> Regional and Language Options

Step 2: Regional and Language Options dialogue box will be appeared on the screen. Click “Language” tab.

Regional and Language options

Step 3: Check “Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including thai) Check box.

Step 6: A meesage box will be appeared on the screen, read the message and press “OK” button and then press “Apply” Button. System will ask to insert a Windows XP installation CD into CD-ROM drive and then press “OK” Button. Windows XP will install necessary files to hard disk and then reboot the machine.

(If you don't have your windows XP CD, then any windows xp CD, begged, borrowed or stolen will key is needed or asked)


Step 4: After rebooting the machine start Control Panel then click “Regional and Language Options”.

Step 5: click “Language Tab” and Click Details > Add button.

Step 6: Add Input Language Dialogue box will be appeared on the screen. Choose “Hindi” from Input Language drop down list box and then press “Ok” Button. It will add Hindi Language.

add input language

Text Services and Input Languages

Step 7: Press “Ok” button to close all open windows.

Step 8: Now you may see Language Bar will be added to the taskbar as shown below.


Step 9: Now by clicking on language toolbar you can change the language, Choose “Hindi” from language toolbar to start writing Hindi in Windows XP machine. (Shortcut to switch between language is (Alt + Shift )

Step 10: Click on the language toolbar and choose “Show the language bar”, language toolbar will be shifted to top right portion of the desktop.

Step 11: Open any text editor and start typing in Hindi language.

Step 12 : If you are not familiar with inscript keyboard then you can practice it taking help from romanagri or can use transliteration.

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