सर्किट: भाई अमेरिका में address पूछेगा तो क्या बोलने का
मुन्ना: धोबीघाट
सर्किट: भाई english में बोलनेका तो?
मुन्ना: Washington


"शेर खां मिल गए, शेर-बब्बर मिले, टके सेर ताजे औ खस्ते
हम लुटे, लुट गए, लुटा के इकन्नी, यहाँ मिल गए शेर सस्ते "

If you think Hindi Blogosphere is all about damn serious stuff, nothing that you can share while realxing with friend. No stuff that you can copy and send to you friend. If you think its all dry politics or and blaw blaw.. then I'm sorry to further dissapoint you..All this is just true. Most of hindi stuff on blogosphere is loaded. But thankfully we are transcending the halo effect. So if you are looking for jokes, Hindi shayari, Urdu shayari, SMS, holi sms or things like just that then at least two 'cheap' blogs are really useful,  saying happy holi to friends should be easier with these original things. here are the link-

1 deepak joke: दीपक जोक

2 sasta Sher  सस्‍ता शेर


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  1. mobi  

    4:51 PM

    wow, that was great post.. thanx for sharing the same...
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  2. Manish Kapoor  

    10:44 PM

    Break Up SMS Messages

    Really funny post which make me laugh. I specially liked your above joke which is on munna bhai and circuit. Keep up this good work of entertaining others.

  3. Stylish  

    2:37 PM

    Us ajnabi ka youn na intezaar karo
    Is aashiq dil ka na aitbaar karo

    Roz nikla karen kisi ke yaad mein aanso
    Itna kabhi na kisi se pyaar karo


    2:48 PM

    Yaadon Mein Har Pal Rahti Ho Tum,
    Kabhi Na Dil Mein Khayaal Ho Tera Kam,
    Tamanna Hai Yeh Dilki Mere,
    Ki Tujhe Kabhi Chaahun Na Kam,
    Bayaan Karun Jau Hai Dil Mein Mere,
    Kahe Na Chaahen Hum,
    Kahe Na Chaaho Tum,
    Par Bayaan Karen Tau Hum Kaise Karen,
    Dilse Hothon Tak Aaye Par,
    Kahe Na Paayen Hum,Kahe Na Pao Tum.

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    Pathan Jokes

  5. Faizan  

    3:18 AM

    Thanks Friend

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