Police world over take law into their hands now and then. Our Police is no different. Recent Murder of Delhi's own (fake) encounter specialist ACP R S Rathi has further highlighted the criminal face of policing. ACP rathi was murdered by Property dealer friend in his office with the weapon provided by Rathi himself. Another encounter specialist has figured in good details by crime reporter Neeraj Rajput's blog again a rathi (This time S S). In thsi detailed post Neeraj has given details of Connaught Place Encounter. rs rathi How they moved with a definite motive of killing a person and when they got it wrong and an innocent person was killed, they planted a pistol to prove that this Delhi businessman fired first.

Equally intresting is reading this post by Jitendra Dixit. In a very probing work itendra get into the modus operandi of fake encounters. Unveils the police crime nexus. Also the details how these policemen who indulge in encounters are actually criminals themselves going by the mental makeup. Horrifying truths of a democracy.

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  1. neeraj rajput  

    1:31 PM

    No-no. u r somewhat factually incorrect. The ACP of Delhi Police who was murdered by his property dealer associate in gurgaon was RAJBIR SINGH (YADAV, not Rathi). But, again what's there in a name. Both were (fake) ecounter specialists. In fact, the rivalry between the two, had led to a series of fake encounters in mid-90s and early 20s. You must be surprised that, the C.P encounter was result of this only. Before this encounter only, Rajbir Singh had neutrailsed many gangsters, but chief among was that of a dreaded gangster Rajbir Ramola (carying a reward of Rs 4 lakh). It is believed that ACP S.S Rathi had taken a vow to carry out a operation (i.e encounter) much bigger than that of Rajbi's "in full daylight infront of the masses." But he made a mistake and killed two innocent businessmen, instead of gangster Yasin (who was later shotdead by ACP Rajbir Singh).

  2. arjun kapoor  

    1:35 PM

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