Anonymous Grapevine Ghosts Came Haunting

Ghosts keep returning to bloggers. There are simultaneous strings of incidents occuring here. Important one pertains to Avinash and Anil. It is a vibrant though polemical debate that fringes to get personal. Worth following though. But not evryone likes it especially the people at NDTV so thsy come running spoiling the debate by some simple but dirty tricks. Easiest surely is to comment anonymousy or worse in someone else's name. This time Anil was on the receiving end. So much so that he duly posted a clarification that followed a discussion. Then he posted again suggesting some desperate measures. We can't say much beyond that measures were really unnecessarily desperate and unwanted. Besides measures like lets all of us disallow anonymosu readers to comment are very ambitious as well. It is so because it expects a horrifying undemocratic consensus possible only in Hitler or Stalin's den. I also believe that it must hsve pleased the spoillers that scared these people are. just a few words and we are runing for covers.

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