Girgit versus Indinator: Hindi Heads Rome

While for English and some other languages  translation and transliteration on internet means extension of their self, for our Hndi these efforts mean very survival. Hindi Blogs and other site gets very little traffic i.e. less than 10% through search. Therefore when some plugin provides for immediate transliteration into scripts of English (Roman), Gujrati, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Oriya, telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam scripts thereby users of these scripts can also read the content. It is also important to note that English is alos one of such language thereby it makes the blog available in roman..So Hindi going Roman now ;) The Girgit is doing just that.

For example My Hindi Blog Masijeevi is converted to indexable or non-indexable content in other indic languages by Girgit, just click any of the following languages:

B R E A K the Language Barrier - Read in your own script

Roman(Eng) Gujarati Bangla Oriya Gurmukhi Telugu Tamil Kannada Malayalam Hindi

This colorful widget transliterate the content of any indic site and present it in other indic site or English. It is really useful widget and do increase traffic though it is still not clear that whose traffic it is, of the original site or of a new page at Girgit.

That was Girgit from Chitthajagat, if thats the case then can Blogvani be far behind, Cyril of blogvani brings  the same product from Blogvani with brandname Indinator ( How do they keep getting such nice domain names...I guess it is the benefit of reaching the prized land earlier) Through Indinator the feminist blog Chokherbali looks like this in Gurmukhi i.e. Punjabi

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 22 18.29


This is really a Holi feast, a great step forward. Dono hathon mein Laddu, long live the competition.


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