Does it help to Translate the title of your post while writing a Blog? Answer is simple YES, it does.

Pramendra and his Mahashakti is Mahakid of the Hindi Blogosphere. When he praised  Blogvani in a big mouth manner then Maithily showing humility mentions about the recipes blog that get maximum traffic from search and NOT the aggregator.

आपके ब्लाग पर ब्लागवाणी से अधिक ट्रेफिक आता है ये आंकड़े आपके ब्लाग के आंकड़े हो सकते है. सभी पर तो लागू नहीं होंगे.
मेरे परिवार का एक ब्लाग है जो ब्लागवाणी में भी शामिल है पर इस पर ब्लागवाणी कुल ट्रैफिक का पांच प्रतिशत भी नहीं भेजती

In fact there the Blogvani which otherwise accounts for 80%+ traffic of blogs actually  sends only 5% traffic for this blog. The blog by Nisha Madhulika actually has taken several steps to get its search optimized.

One major reason is Title, while Hindi Blogosphere has learnt its way to play with word in title to attract maximum traffic, but usually the tricks are at attracting people from Blogvani to draw attention and not from search. But a simple trick of giving important keywords in English definitely works. Simply translate the title in such a way that it contain some important keyword ensures that when it figures in search result people see keyword in title and some Hindi words as well, this khichdi catches the attention on results and you get traffic. it works for Nisha, it works for me, it should work for you. Catch is you should be ready to spoil the puritan ethics which a sensitive issue with Hindi Blog writing.

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