Hindi Blogs are NOT among top15 Hindis being sought


Is is widely claimed that blogs are the most popular Hindi stuff on the net. trust me they are not. While it is true that Hindi Blogs are the biggest content creators, but it is not what people are seeking about hindi.

Going by Keyword Selector Tool top 15 search that has the word 'Hindi' are :

1. Hindi
2. Hindi Ringtones
3. Hindi Midi
4. Hindi Mp3
5. Hindi Polytones
6. Www.hindi
7. Free Hindi Mp3
8. Free Hindi Ringtones
9. Free Hindi Pop Mp3 Tones
10. Hindi Amr
11. Learning Hindi
12. Hindi Tone
13. Hindi Lyrics
14. Hindi Film Lyrics
15. Hindi Tone Downloads

But to our surprise almost no hindi blogs seem to be serving these terms. Why will you take suggestion but you will, please write for these words as well.

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