Sudhir Venkatesh and Gang Leader for a Day


Sudhir Venkatesh and his book Gang Leader for a day is geeting popular by the day. He is in news. Reviews pouring fast. Books2102SudhirVenkatesh for example the Guardian

And what a rich, terrifying story of 'outlaw capitalism' and institutional corruption it is. The premium is on doing business, interrupted only when necessary - or so JT claims - by 'niggers misbehaving'. Ubiquitous crime is a way of life: crack dormitories, prostitution, universal extortion, intimidation, carefully ranked salaries and duties in the apparent mayhem and gang mediation facilitated by pastors and the police. 

So hindi Bloggers Go n grab the book and get a review done in Hindi as well. It is suggested that Venkatesh is unfair in almosr equating Blacks with criminals.

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