Holi Songs : A Radeef, Kafia Tutorial

 HindYugm is the collective poetry blog in Hindi. Blog is known for its several initiative including teaching Hindi blogging to all interested. HY does so at its cost and it is really popular initiative. Apart from this e-training, HY is also engaged in Kavya Pallavan and many other competitions. In my post on Hind Yugm I attributed their success to on-off line strategy. In very this effort Pankaj Subeer takes classes for Hindi Gazal to all interested. Radeef and Kafia is taught and its anamolies corrected. This Urdu poetics teaching to Hindi budding poets is really very interesting experiment.

Take the last class of Pankaj. He gave 'Holi' to write on. when everyone on net is frantically searching HOLI Songs, it is very refreshing to see some creating their own, and they are doing it really nice. Take this example-

रंग तुम्हारे प्यार का है भा गया यूँ होली में
अब मजा आता नहीं चंदन-तिलक औ रोली में
पास कुछ भी है नहीं पर ये अमीरी देखिए
दर्द के मोती भरे हैं आज मेरी झोली में
तीर रखते हैं छिपाकर जो जहर के ऐ दोस्तों
हाँ शहद ही है टपकता यार उनकी बोली में

As you will notice the Guru in this post has gone on to explain the thread bare nitty gritties  of Radeef Kafia. Its a nice tutorial on Urdu meter , don't miss it.

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