Indian Grooms in Commodity Market

Can there be relationship between results of State judicial Services, PCS with commodity market of a state. You got be dumb if you can't see a relationship. Recently Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services and Provincial Services Examination results were declared and these pushed the commodity index to roof. Only catch is the commodity is hold you breath...Grooms. Dowry rate for these new appointees (with meager salary of  less then 15000/- PM, but then who talk about salary, its oopar ki kamai that matters) are getting 40-50 lacs and even more.

Bhuvnesh in his Hindi Panna keeps its reader engaged on these and other similar  issues. He in this post very critically examines the phenomenon and question the integrity of these appointment. Besides raises doubt on Ladali Beti Yojna and Ladali Laxmi Yojna for very underliying premise that girls are burden and are such 'investment' where their is no return.

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