INDIAN RAILWAYS- Get a Reservation Now

We have our own railways man (ooops officer) great Gyanduttji. He must be very busy these days. Blogging community got this information from Anup today. But I can corrborate that he is likely to be really busy. just look at the top 100 google search of India.Exams are over and every Tom..Harry...Harinath is trying to get a birth in the cool clean coaches. Following terms were among top Railway related search

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 10 16.34

indian railways,

reservation site,

 indian railways reservation,,


I think going by these stats that even the wrong spelling are among the top search indicates that Indian railways Site is the most popular website of the nation. Whats your take.



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  1. realestategurgaon  

    3:27 PM

    so if you want to travel safly in indian railways then you must book your ticket 1 or 2 months perior.