Insurance for Bloggers!!

If you also think that bloggers are good for nothing people, pushing post after another with little or no effort and hence there is no point of expecting a insurance plan for them, then I'm not it writing for you. If you search google, there is a search bar above for "insurance for bloggers" you get truck load of results but none actually insure your content on net-

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So the fact remains that yes you do a lot of research to put quality content on you site. You dig hard to find out what are valuable keywords and then you dig you head to arrange quality stuff, you post it to your site and then you may or may not get the money back. someone may copy the content and get away with your money. When people get their health insurance, Life insurance, theft insurance, and all other insurance then why dont they get their creativity insurance. But how will they get content evaluated, how much premium to be paid. do it....I don't know :) BTW they are offered libel insurance to cover the risk of litigation.

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