Biranchi Das is murdered. A simple shot and dead case. Nothing for police to worry about. Biranch Das came to limelight as coach of prodigy Budhia. Budhia is youngest merathon runner, a Guiness record holder. Biranchi is not named in record books but yes he too got some awards from state government. But then came the child exploitation charges and he was arrested, now he was out on bail.

budhia Biranch expressed apprehension in the past that he will be murdered and his murder will be attributed to some love affair, and see this is what exactly happened. Aalok tomar is his post is certain that police is cooking the story, while Biranchi is murdered not for the relationship with a woman but for the funding he was getting for grooming Budhia.

In this all bloodshed, everybody forgets that Budhia will now languish and his career may well be over.

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