Cheerleader issue is far more complex than it appears. First thing is that cheerleader will not be able to perform at Navi Mumbai Match of IPL. Reason is that Mumbai Police has refused to grant permission to them to be there in match. police official as quoted in today's HT says that cricketers are there to perform and spectators are there to cheer...fine logic I suppose.

Understandably some Chokherbalis will be disappointed, after all police just can't stop its own constables one of whom raped a 12 year old girl in Delhi yesterday, but they are going all out to stop these girls from doing what they are best at.

If we dig dip we find that problem arose because these cheerleader complained that crowd was not nice to them, they were passing lewd comments and gestures on blaw blaw..

My opinion that may not please the feminists is that it is not exactly a case of women empowerment. I am not putting a case that revealing dresses justifies rape or rude behavior, but in case of cheerleaders things are far more complex. It is the question of very functionality, why are these cheerleader here? To entertain.. what entertainment... Not cricket surely. Why these costumes and gestures?  Add the cultural difference and Gori Skin (Grotto admit that we as race are no less racist) All these ingredients are sure recipe for making enthusiastic yet rogue spectators to fall stray. Period.

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