Questioning TRP is Dangerous Business

What will you call a country where Central cabinet Ministry on record and on the floor of house admits that not only the TRP business of this country is being run by mafia but even the minister himself is threatened not once or twice but five times. Opposition members is also threatened....We call such a country, A Democracy. Free one. Goons are running the channels and surely they are powerful.

What is TRP, it is Television Rating Point. Punditji points out that calculating TRP is not clean. Boxes are installed at selected places with malafide intentions. Whole eastern and North Eastern part is neglected. Why so...! If you believe that calculating TRP is just an image question than hold on, it is Big Big Buck issue. Increased TRP even if faulty results in big Admoney in tunes of hundreds Crores of Rupees.

What surprises me is that while Hindi Blogging is full of Journalists and conscious keepers. They keep reprimanding the just about everyone for not being sensitive enough for someone hurt in Gaza, Greenland or Gaba. How about what is happening their backyard...Their own Lalaji Channels. their masters are not only befooling a 120 Crores country but are threatening the elected ministers but here Ravishs and Avinashs wont utter a word. Sab Theek thak hai...


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