Harbhajan's Slap : Bhajji ko Gussa Kyon Aata hai?

They were part of a team and they are really good at annoying opponents but when they are opponents to each other it gets uglier. We are talking Bhajji and Sresanth of course.

It happened like this, match was over, Bhajji's team beaten again. Sreesanth went to Bhajji saying "Hard Luck" and Santa Singh of Indian Team who incidentally is Mumbai Indian's skipper just got lose. His luck got harder...He actually slapped this young man, Who just broke down. Down with tears, everyone from his team was consoling Sreesanth. News was in making.

What I like about this incident is that TV seems to have missed it, at least so far there is no clip actually showing the golden slap. So the news is actually a Bloggers news rather then a TV one. Hours are being spent on Harbhajan's behavior, it is also being underlined that Harbhajan has later apologized to Sreesanth. But to me such news really are amusing. Looking at Hindi Blogs, the Mamta TV highlights the incidents asking Harbhajan Ko Gussa kyon Aata hai? 

I'll try to update with whatever video I'll get.

Update : Here is one...unconsolable Sreesanth



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