It movie time. Ajay Brahmatmaj in his chavvani chap brings the review of latest Yashraj Films Production Tashan. Geting a Hindi review on the first day itself that too from a top notch critic is really good for Hindi Blogging.

In his post Ajay consider the whole movie a tashan of Yashraj films. Glaring set, computer graphics, other cinema techniques, music, vulgarity and other masala- in whole a lump sum masala. Besides the movie as he consider is a fantasy and Ajay fear that it may not be undrstood properly by the mass. In this fantasy music, dance, glamour, violence, drama everything is pushed in the name of Desi Tashan only thing that is lacking is "story"

टशन एक फंतासी है। मॉर्डन तकनीक और टेस्ट की फंतासी, जो संभव है कि देश के अधिकांश दर्शक नहीं समझ पाएं। टशन की टीम ने रंगीन, आकर्षक, चमकदार, हैरतअंगेज, काल्पनिक और लाउड किस्म की इस फंतासी में नाच-गाना, रोमांस, अश्लील संवाद और हरकतें सब कुछ देसी टशन के नाम पर ठूंस दिया है। बस, एक ही चीज छूट गयी है ....वह है कहानी। फिल्म का प्रभाव बढ़ाने के लिए बैकग्राउंड म्यूजिक भी इतना लाउड है कि कानों पर असर करता है।

Whatever is pushed in the name of story is a revenge by daughter. A rickshaw puller killed the father of Pooja and she does a lot of doable and non doables to take her revenge. Violence and valuelessness prevails in the movie through out.

Movie or IPL, given a choice I'll chose later.

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