Internet Chat can be suicide pill for your Kid

Going by the profile of Dr. Mahesh first thing you realise is Oh!! he is not a guy from digital world. Very profile is definitely a big mouth. Being big mouth is hardly liked in Internet world. So how many nukkad magazines you are published in is something one should keep to oneself. Anyways, Dr Parimal comes with this piece on evils of internet chat.

 chating02Dr Parimal bring forward a trend where internet resources are pushing youngsters to suicide. The peaceful suicide. Analogy is simple..youth is under pressure, they resort to chat where they may get misguidance rather than guidance. Where peers from all over the world will advice them to just finish their life rather than living. And then they will be 'guided' peaceful death resources including suicide pills.

I find the post a typical post that shows concern but fails to analyse the trend. It is just whistle blowing with asking to keep an eye on your kids. Do find out what your kids are watching, stdying and all. There is problem in this approach because it is treating symptoms. Post is still useful.

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