Lexicology of the word 'Chutia'

Chutia and chutiapa has nothing to do with cute. It is quite at par with the F*** word. Hindi formals could never stabilise its relationship with this word. Unlike 'Gadha', 'Ullu' or may be 'Kutta' and Kamina ( 'Kutte Kamine mein tera khun pee jaunga' of Dharmendra was never axed by censor board)  this slang has definitely uneasy realtionship with Hindi World. While everyone understand and most use formal expressions obviously avoid it. But here is the catch... due to Hindi belt of eastern UP and Bihar, literature is compfortable with this slang and at least the bold writers (male surely) like to boast their guts by daring to use it, sometime even in print.

Now comes the blogging. It borrows a lot (including bloggers) from this Hindi belt  so comes this word. Look at this post from Sanjay Tiwari- कवियों और चूतियों की भाषा- Ok, here the chutia is for adding pun what how and why? Word surely refers to body part (linke all slang women body part) and by no means goes that close to meaning intended. Sanjay is probably using it for its sensational co-efficient. Be it.

And yes before his argument gets lost in this word prank study, He argues that Hindi is damn f***ed by Sahityawalas (I agree with sanjay) and other other (Chu***s)

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  1. Shubhashish Pandey  

    11:20 AM

    bahut bahut shukriya
    ek post maine bhi kal isi pe likhi
    :) pe