Is Nareepol or Naree phol image a fraud?


It is!!

If you are on Internet for more then five minutes than you know what I am talking about. It is about this image:


This image is especially uploaded on a site called sreedhara with no detailed research and I would say responsibility.

(The site claims  that this tree is real and one can see it near bangkok)


It is especially so because the site fails to inform of the source of picture. It is also important that prima facie it appears a poor work of photo shop trick. Even if it is not than site admin owe a more authentic information.

The picture pertains to Naree phol (and not Naree Pol) which is actually a mythological story of sort in which a Naree phol (quite like means women-fruit) interacts with a servant. Do look at this  painting. It is taken from here and comment by artist explain the whole thing.

My concept. titled "Naree Phol" is a representation of traditional Thai mythology. My original intention was to preserve the mythological values as much as possible, but to keep up with the theme of this entry I had to change it quite a bit to portray Master & Servant. I have modified the design and also changed certain historical values, but I have still kept the mythology alive in the design. My concept here is that the man was an evil character, now though with the divine intervention of Goddess Naree Phol he has turned not only into an honest person but also he serves as her protector.

narre phol2

So I'll brand this effort as a digital superstition if not fraud.

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  1. Spark  

    10:32 AM

    Most of the human beings are ready to swallow any dirt whe it is "cooked" in the name of religion or god. In this era of IT boom also, people are NOT ready to check facts. There is a need of giving training to youngsters on how they can approach things with a logical mind.

  2. amitabuch  

    8:57 PM

    This is a very important article though a short one. In fact the root of such hoax should be found out and penalized and people take the net info as biblical truth. there should be a provision to post this article so as to throw light on the truth of the matter.

  3. jayesh  

    10:52 AM


  4. jayesh  

    10:53 AM


  5. Carsten  

    6:23 PM

    I am sure this photos are fake but in real, I bought 2 fruits in Thailand here in March. No I am trying to dfind out if they ar fake or real

  6. akhilesh S joshi  

    2:02 PM

    I do not believe it coz;
    Only three images are visible being repeated time and again by different bloggers and 'Likes'
    Are the Thai People so no-creative, that could not explore much about the same?
    None of them have posted an image of the fruit in a trey or hand/ holding the fruit.
    I have my own doubt that some miscreant has planted few fabricated articles on the tree and shot the images from different angle and are being circulated worldwide.

  7. Goutama Nayak  

    2:57 PM

    as published in its sayed that its fake.