Kanpur Curator Shivkumar Should be Man of the Match

Hindi bloggers generally let their heart rule their minds, but for a change India's Test match win in Kanpur that enabled the Dhoni's team to share the honours in the India-South Africa series, is an exception. There wasn't much halla gulla. The win was taken quite down tone well realising that it was the pitch curator who played for India. Here it is also important that indian skipper Dhoni has actually expressed gratitude towards Kanpur curator Shivkumar for crafting a pitch that let indian spinners spin a web. capatains generally don't thank pitch curators in media suggesting that pitch was deliberately "fixed" by team managemnet of hosts.

Mamta on Mamta TV actually raises an important point. She questions this thankgiving by Dhoni. Bloggers agree with Mamta and suggests that actually the man of the Match award should be given to Shivkumar rather then Ganguly :))

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