Well, why this video? A simple reason is that as lot lot bloggers are cribbing about, the arm twisting attitude of cricket authorities is suggesting that they just don't want us to show clippings of matches. I find is sic really sic. So though I am not a die hard fan of cricket but still I am showing this clipping just to mark my protest and to show you what you deserve :)

This match was played today (10 min ago) and the highlights are of the Royal Challengers batting against the Mumbai Challengers at Vankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Match was won by Royal Challengers Banglore, therby beating Mumbai in Mumbai.

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  1. Kolkata Kniight Rider  

    11:38 AM

    Twenty20 cricket is future of cricket and Indian Premier League Cricket (IPL) is the way to cricket evolution.
    I think people will even stop watching One day cricket & test cricket after sometime as IPL is getting popular...IPL Kolkata Knight Riders is my favorite ipl team....