Blasphemy ki to Maa ki...Behan Hindi

If this title offends you so will be the title of Chandu Bhai's post. Chandrabhushan is remembering his experiences at Nepal where he met an accident and just while he and co passengers realise that they are probably going to die, the guys decided that enough is enough. Its time to drop hypocracy and be natural..abuse the Allah for treating his followers this bad :)

ठीक तभी अपने पीछे से अंधेरे में मैंने एक आवाज आती सुनी- 'अल्लाह...अल्लाह...अरे तेरी मां की...अरे तेरी बहेन की...अल्लाह...अल्लाह'। और यह विचित्र सा कलमा सुनते ही उस भयानक स्थिति में भी मुझे हंसी आ गई। सच कहता हूं, उस वक्त मुझे लगा कि मेरा जन्म ऐसे ही अवसरों के लिए हुआ है।

And is you call it balsphemy, let it be. To me someone laughing at that stage is sheer The sense of humor. Your take.

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