Violence and Sex are Happily Married Couple

Violence is violence, killing, blood and primarily hatred. On the other hand Sex is love, tender, touchy. But you need to be slightly deep observer of surrounding and of History to realize that these two are not just related but are very much married. Abhay has always been a keen, well read and observant. Coming out post after pots that put makes readers feel..hey I should have written like this :)

In his recent post Abhay traces this relationship between sex and violence. This journey goes through the lexical and then historical. Gandhiji was deep indulging in sex (understandably with Baa) while his father was dying in the next room. Abhay wonders that was it just out of lust or because he was enveloped with that darkness of death?

मगर फिर भी ये सेक्स वायलेंस के साथ वैसे ही जुड़े रहता है जैसे प्रकाश के साथ अँधेरा जुड़ा रहता है। मैंने अक्सर पाया है कि मृत्यु से बेहद घबराए लोग सेक्स की गोद में जा गिरते हैं। गाँधीजी ने जो अपनी आत्म कथा में लिखा है वो कोई अपवाद नहीं है – वे अपनी पिता के मृत्यु के ठीक पहले अपनी पत्नी के साथ सहवास कर रहे थे। मैं नहीं जानता कि गाँधी जी ने ‘शुद्ध वासना’ में ऐसा किया या मृत्यीले अँधेरे से घबरा कर?

So sex as per this analysis is not just eroticism of body, union of male body with female one but is escape from death yet very much the death itself as signified in violent acts of humankind like war.

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