Blogosphere is informed  (All Bloggers are feed publishers dummies excluded) that there is something great in store from feedburner. Hmm..

If you are a feed advertiser, don't worry: we have some happy surprises coming for you as well, and if you are an advertiser who is not yet a feed advertiser, you too shall be blessed with good fortune

The news might not make much of a difference to Hindi Bloggers in general as feed subscribers figures are abysmally low for Hindi. In fact No Hindi Blogger is subscribed by 500 readers, so not a big deal but taking in account that some of these do have English blogs, news is important.

But be a reader for a minute, its sad. If you don't like reading a patchy blog (Like this one) with not so great ads around, you always had the option of switching to feedreaders and get a feed without ads. Now the big question is that does this announcement means that readers will have to bear the ads with feeds, than I feel sorry for them.

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