Those of you who were in their colleges in V.P.Singh's era. With Mandal Commission Report driving herds of young students to self immolations. Delhi University's Ramjas Chowk at Maurice Nagar (Later named as Kranti Chowk) was abuzz with Mandal Commission hai hai...Ramvilasua hai hai...VP Singh hai hai. Later a sign board wag hung their with names of more then 100 students from all over the country who took the extreme step. This Protest against reservation for OBCs was led by a impromptu created organisation called Anti Mandal Commission Forum (AMCF). I don't really remember any name out of those 100+ martyrs but  a post by Kumar Alok suggests that Shailendra was one name on this board.

"...शर्म आती है - जब आप अशोक राजपथ से गुजरेंगे, तो एक पतली-सी सड़क का नाम है शहीद शैलेंद्र पथ। अब तो उसका नाम भी मिट गया है। हां, शहर के लोगों ने उसकी नामपट्टिका के आगे अब लघुशंका करना शुरु कर दिया है।"

Youth for Equality nas AMCF have a lot in common, mst dangerously both claims themselves to be 'non-political', that is what worries me the most. Anti reservation with agreements and disagreements apart is surely a political movement and if it is led by political novices it can easily get out of hands and nation can hardly efford another Anti-mandal (though I am pretty sure we can't efford mandal-II either)

I Hope the better sense will prevail. 

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